Photo’s for your website

No matter how well your website is designed, if the photos that are taken are of poor quality, your website will not look good. Your home page photos may include images from your inventory and “banner” images of your store, the interior of your shop. These photo’s can make your home page look great.

We are going to focus on inventory images. There are different options.

  • Easiest way and normally of poor quality is to just take a shot of an inventory item without clearing away the clutter.
  • You can clear away the clutter and still have a busy background that gets in the way visually of viewing the item you are presenting.
  • You can have a background of a solid color, paper or the wall in your store. This can work well. One of my clients does this. You can view this method at Nicholson’s Antiques.
  • A number of websites that allow you to sell inventory through their business use a method called “background” removal. You end up with your item stripped of all background objects and replaced with white. Many of my customers use these services and I teach them how to get the images back on their own website for the “look”. I also offer my services to retrieve them when a client asks me to. Here is an example of Caroline Faison Antiques on HighBoy.
  • There are a number of background removal services that will do this for you at a cost of 1 to 3 dollars. At your request I will gladly direct you to what I consider to be a good company to work with.

Here are different examples of images taken below.


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